About us

Congregation of the Daughters of Mary is started by Msgr.Joseph Kuzhinijalil & Mother Sr.Kallaraikal in the year 1938 at Marthandam in Kanyakumari District to serve the poor, needy and helpless persons of the society. Home for the aged is a registered society, started in the year of 1974 and legally registered in the year of 1982 which is under the management of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary had its origin in Pilankalai, a village in Kanyakumari Dist.

The main of the society Home cheap cartier replica for the aged is to give shelter, treatment and care to the destitute of our country. Under the Old age home society a separate Unit was started for the mentally Ill women “EMMAUS” to provide humanitarian care. The unwanted and the mentally Ill people who are incapable of doing anything by themselves and have nobody to look after are received here and they are looked ralph lauren polo after throughout their life.We take care the mentally ill women those who were roaming in the street recommended by the district collector R.D.O,D.D.R.O.W,Police officials also.Through this we are fully co-operated with government to run this centre.