Medical supervision and management

Monthly periodical medical check-ups are done by Dr. Arul Prakash from District Govt. Medicalcollege hospital visits our inmates and provides treatment and guide us in medication process.

Monthly twice a doctor team headed by Dr. Ajayan, MD from Saradha Krishna Homoeopathy Medical College comes our home and diagnose the inmates’ condition and provide them free medicines. This homeopathy care helps the inmates to recover soon.

Nursing care

A team of qualified and trained nurses along with other experienced staff provide the necessary nursing care for 24 x 7. We do receive the services of local hospitals in Joseph Hospital for any emergency and physical illness. The institution maintains pharmacy with all the necessary medications. We have two fully trained nurses for 24 hours service

Occupational therapy unit

To stabilize their mental stress a therapeutic unit of Paper Cup making , Candle making ,training on house hold activities recreational activities etc….were started. Specially designed machine was procured which is user friendly for them. Inmates are very much enthusiastically involved in the training.

Counseling and psychological support unit

We are availing the services of a full time trained psychiatric Social worker to give psychotherapies to the patients to come out of depression and enable them to accept their present situation as an unavoidable reality and lead a successful normal life. Different Psychotherapies include , behavior therapy, Cognitive therapy, supportive therapy, group therapy, interpersonal therapy etc. Prayer therapy is another method used to calm their nerves. They find peace and joy through prayer and practice of silence.30 minutes Physical Exercise and Meditation in the morning helps to relax their bodily muscles and joints.

Training on House hold activities

Along with skill training we provide training on house hold activities like washing their cloths , gardening , helping the cooking and cleaning the house .