Emmaus – Rehabilitation centre for mentally Ill Women

As a response to the time and need, a branch of the society was established in Ummencode, a village in Kalkulam taluk of K.K Dist in 11th October, 2008 in the name EMMAUS for the mentally Ill women in street with government approval (S.No.58/2009 Under Section 52). We find it very essential to address the urgent need of rehabilitating the mentally ill women wandering in our streets, neglected and abandoned by the family and very often abused by the street gangsters. They are subject to basic needs, insecurity, nakedness etc.. They even want to fight with the street dogs to get some food crumbs from the garbage. They have to sleep in open streets and shop corridors.

This reality in the society has evoked us to become the voice of the voiceless people. Congregation of the Daughters of Mary had supported with specially equipped and furnished building that is friendly for the mentally challenged women. The services of the sisters / nuns have helped these special people to come back to their normal human life. It’s very happy to mention that, by the grace of Almighty, we could send back some inmates to their family life after complete recovery. The house can accommodate 50 people and day by day no of inmates are increasing. Within six years we have cared 248persons with humanitarian care and 105were sent back to their home and living with their family in doing all the works normally and also they well sufficient in their lives.. Those who were sent back to home were fortnightly visited by our Nuns to review the status of the person and also we provide therapeutic training and medicine during our visits. Presently we have 75mentally ill women with our care. These mentally ill women are cared with all special needs. They are accommodated with well furnished and friendly building. As a process of rehabilitation we provide Yoga practice every day morning which helps them to recover faster. Recently we have initiated therapeutic training to cater the needs of the inmates, this training helps them to recover soon as well as they can cope up with the life better than before as they are equipped with skill trainings.

  • We admit the abandoned mentally ill women who are on streets and who have nobody to take care.
  • We accept such women from any religion , language , state , caste etc.. even without