Recreational Activities

Also we have recreational activities like dance, singing the song,Kabadi, Passing the ball, reading news paper and watching T.V etc.

Above these trainings helps the inmates to recover soon as well as this skill training helps them to face the life better than before..

Cultural Programmes

There are many from among the inmates who are talented in dancing, singing, mono act etc. The anniversary celebrations, Independence Day celebratins, Onam, Christmas, Id and other festivities cheap ralph lauren polo offer them ample opportunities during the year to perform. The performances include multi religious.


The institution has a library and reading room for those inmates who are able to read. Some of them are well educated but unable to use their education due to mental illness.

Field work Training

Emmaus became a platform for psychiatric social workers, psychiatric nurses and others to interact and practice what they had learned.

Rescue project

Coordinating with Rescue Project we have identified mentally ill person who wander in the streets without any human care have been sent to proper institutional care. This Rescue project is a joint venture of NGO’s who have been involved in similar service. Emmaus also being the member effectively supports other NGO’s in the rehabilitative process.

Promoting Community Care

To create community awareness on caring mentally ill person we encourage local community participation in caring the inmates. Outsiders are promoted to visit our home best cartier replica and have interaction with our inmates also many support our care by providing food, clothe & medicine. This helps the inmates in their recovery process and gives them to feel that they are cared not only by the institution but also with the community too.